Conferences and Workshops

The GAP actively supports conferences and workshops in three ways:


The GAP organises a large triennial international congress. For more information, see conferences.

Doctoral Workshops

Every year the GAP organises a workshop for PhD students, where PhD candidates working on a selected topic can confer with one another, present their projects and receive feedback from university teachers working in analytic philosophy. For more information, see doctoral workshops.


The GAP supports conferences and congresses that are directly related to analytic philosophy. As a general rule, only conferences at an institution in the German-speaking world will be funded. Additional criteria for financial support are the promotion of young researchers and inclusion. The application deadline for financial support of conferences is the deadline of the previous quarter of the event (see the deadlines below). Also, not that only GAP members are entitled to apply. It should also be noted that a maximum of one proposal per organiser is granted in each calendar year. A conference is usually funded with no more than 600 Euros. The granted funds should not exceed 50% of the total costs. The GAP does not cover fees for speakers or costs that can be covered by other means (e.g., travel and accommodation expenses). The GAP seeks to contribute to the coverage of costs that are usually not reimbursed by other institutions (e.g., catering and advertisement costs).

Applications for funding should include the following information:

  1. Organizer(s) of the conference
  2. Topic of the conference with a brief explanation
  3. Location (in the German-speaking world) and time
  4. Invited participants
  5. Planned funding
  6. Requested amount and intended use

Please address your applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The GAP’s executive committee will decide on all received applications at the end of each quarter (the deadline is always one week before the end of the quarter, i.e., March 24, June 23, September 23 and December 24).