Essay Award 2009

The essay question was: Learning from fiction? On the epistemological value of thought experiments or literature  

The following essays were awarded:

  • 1st Prize: Max Seeger:
    Experimental Philosophy and the Twin Earth Intuition
  • 2nd Prize: Sebastian Köhler:
    Thought-experiments, Disagreement and Moral Realism
  • 3rd Prize: Stefan Reining:
    Über die vermeintliche Unzulässigkeit physikalisch unmöglicher Fälle in der Debatte um diachrone Personenidentität

Essay Award 2008

The essay question was: Why search for the truth?

The following essays were awarded:

  • 1st Prize: not awarded
  • 2nd Prize: Stefan Reining:
    Über den möglichen Wert der Unwissenheit
  • 3rd Prize: David Ludwig:
    Die Sorge um die Wahrheit
  • 4th Prize: Susanne Mantel:
    Warum nach der Wahrheit suchen?

Essay Award 2007

The essay question was: Could we be fully physically determined and still responsible for our actions?

The following essays were awarded:

  • 1st Prize: Lars Dänzer:
    A Neglected Argument for Compatibilism
  • 2nd Prize: Anselm Spindler:
    Über moralische Verantwortung und alternativen Möglichkeiten
  • 3rd Prize: Andreas Maier:
    Weeding in the Garden of Forking Paths – Yet Another Look at Alternative Possibilities